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About Hippo Blue

Living the dream. How many people get to say they work with their best friend? Self-confessed "big kids at heart" Sam Dickson and Thin Neu, the founders of Hippo Blue do. These two childhood friends have always tackled life as if it was an adventure, embraced life for all its glory as well as its downfalls. Through their own experiences, they came to appreciate how the strong values instilled in them at a young age by their parents, along with having wonderful friends and family surrounding them, contributed to their daring ability to dream and believe in themselves.

This is what inspired the creation of Hippo Blue; the desire to create products that help instill the value of self belief, to encourage the exploration of imagination, embrace the characteristics that make us who we are and through stories and play, help strengthen those important relationships that later become your little one's strong support network.

Every one of our products is personalised, it leave our doors emblazoned proudly with the name of your special little one and every collection created has been done so, in collaboration with brilliantly talented artists. We do this because we appreciate the power of a name and believe that you can see the hearts of our artists through each design and story created.

A name lasts a lifetime, it is how we identify ourselves and more importantly, it is the first gift we are ever given. We spend our days, creating personalised gifts, in the hope of helping you create memories and honouring the first gift a child receives, their name.