7 Ways School Labels Can Help Busy Mums and Dads

Posted in Simple Life
on September 18, 2015

Parents should never get on Facebook or Instagram. Social media is filled with multi-tasking super parents who not only have the time to post, take selfies, or even blog about their days. But they also seem to be thriving with their busy schedules. From party planning to fun gardening with the kids, social media pictures can make the disorganised parent feel overwhelmed.

But there are ways to manage your time, whether you’re a working mum or a stay-at-home dad. You could start with colourful, whimsical, and attractive school labels. Here are seven ways these labels can help every busy mum and dad.

1. Labels tell you which bag belongs to whom, making hurried mornings feel less hectic. If you have more than three or four kids going to school, you’re bound to forget which kid owns which bag. Figuring it out could take up much of your morning, which isn’t ideal when you’re rushing out. 

2. Labels for school items could teach your kids about responsibility. From lunchboxes to exercise books, labels will customise your kids’ school items. When they see their name on their belongings, they are more likely to take ownership and responsibility for it.

3. Attractive labels for school items may encourage your kids to learn more. Most labels will come with cute and fun designs, which encourage kids to use their stuff more. What you choose will depend on your kid’s level at school; label designs for kids in daycare might have cute animals, while labels for kids in secondary school may feature monograms and patterns. 

4. Labels will help you settle arguments. Instead of asking which kid owns the bag or lunchbox left on the floor, you’ll be able to call the owner without meeting resistance and have that kid put his own stuff away.

5. Labels could make sure your kids’ belongings never go missing in school. Their names will be on their bags, lunchboxes, notebooks, pencil cases, and other items. When an item goes missing, it doesn’t have to go to the lost and found bin. It will be returned to your kids.

6. Labels will save you time and stress. There are labels that can be ironed onto clothes, or put on shoes and other wearable items. When doing laundry or tidying up, you’ll be able to quickly and easily put items where they need to go.

7. Labels could point out food allergies. There are labels that indicate your kids cannot have peanuts, dairy, fish, or gluten. Putting them on your kids’ items could keep them safe in school and elsewhere.


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