A Gift That’s Truly “Made for Me”

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on April 14, 2016
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When you search for a gift for a child’s birthday, for Christmas, or for any other special occasion — regardless of whether the young one is your own child, a young sibling, a niece or nephew, or a godchild — you’ll usually find yourself in giant toy stores, browsing through rows upon rows of toys in colourful, flashy packaging.

Faced with so many choices, you’re highly likely to allow yourself to be steered toward the “right” gift according to the store’s strategic classifications. Unsure about what the child would like, you simply walk toward the part of the store that profiles the little one best — girl, age 3 and up, dolls/art materials/sporty toys/popular cartoon character merchandise. Anything in these sections, you’re gently coaxed to believe, would be something that the little one will like.

So you just grab a random item, have it gift wrapped, and feel assured that the young girl will be happy with her gift.

Adding a special touch

Sometimes, however, a generic, mass-produced item simply isn’t enough to show the beloved child that you appreciate and care for her. You want to give her something that would be different from all the other gifts she’ll be receiving — something that she can use, enjoy, and cherish for a long time.

Something that she will know is meant for her — and no one else.

Have you ever considered getting her a personalised children’s book?

A book with her name on it — and more

Lots of kids love being read stories by their parents and loved ones. Books contain all kinds of stories — funny ones, scary ones, ones that take them on adventures — so they develop a love for these books that they carry with them as they grow and learn to read. Stories help them visualise things, understand situations, and imagine all kinds of scenarios.

So getting a book where the main character is your little girl (with her name and her hair colour!) is sure to be a unique thrill for her.

Hippo Blue, an Australian-owned company specialising in name labels, stationery and other personalised items, also offers personalised children’s books that your young one is sure to love.

Entitled “The Adventures You’ll Have” and created in collaboration with author and illustrator Brett Curzon, the storybook presents your little girl as the main character on an enriching journey to self-belief. There are fun companions and an assortment of situations in it that teach an important lesson: that the world is hers to discover and that her dreams can be as big as she wants them to be — and that life is beautiful and rich with possibilities.

Your little girl will love this personalised book not only because it tells a wonderful story, but also because it is truly made for her. And from the moment she holds it in her hands, it quite simply becomes — to her and to everyone else — “her” book.

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