The ABC Jungle Adventures: Creating a Truly Unique Gift

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on August 23, 2016
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Hippo Blue has just introduced their second personalised story book The ABC Jungle Adventures. It’s a followup to The Adventures You’ll Have. As in the original book, you can select the hero of the story and insert your child’s name. In this followup, however, you are able to personalise all the letters of the alphabet if you wish — with names of friends and family! Children will be delighted to find their loved ones transformed into funny animal characters that accompany them on a jungle adventure.

So how do you create this truly unique book?

I find it easy and quite fun to take a few minutes to think about all the people that are important to the child. Then I jump on the website and start entering all the names. I love that I’m able to edit and add names as I go along. The preview feature is fantastic as well. I get to see the personalised book cover to cover before I drop it in the shopping cart.

For my own child, I was able to personalise 26 names. It was inevitable that I had names that start with the same letter. I found that the trick is coming up with creative and sometimes funny expressions. For example, for the letter S, I had my child’s bestie Sam, Uncle Stephen, and cousin Shannon. I ended up with Sam the Sloth, Uncle Stephen the Urial, and Disco Shannon the Duck (Shannon is always disco-ing in real life, so it was perfect).

For my daughter’s friend, I didn’t come up with nearly as many, but definitely more than enough to have it be truly unique. I entered the names of her family members and the names of their classmates. Voila! Their jaws literally dropped when they read the book. They couldn’t believe there was a book that was so personalised for them. They were touched that someone had created this one of a kind book just for them!

It is truly a unique gift I can give to a child. How awesome is it, to not only have their name, but the names of all their friends and family in one book! I know that they will read it for many years, and perhaps will be one of the books that they will always remember. They might not remember who gave it to them, but I guess that’s not important! :)

To preview your own unique storybook, click here.

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