About Us

Posted on November 20, 2014


Every day at Hippo Blue, we dream of faraway places to create a personalised world of adventure for little ones. Then, we said, hey, wait a minute… We need a special place for mummas! It’s the hip mummas that make the world turn! For our children to grow up to be beautiful, caring people and for a young community like ours to grow. hey hip mumma is the special place we created for you, to relax, chat, and be inspired.

At hey hip mummas, we want to keep it personal, because that’s what we do. We also believe in keeping things simple and naturally beautiful. I’d rather be building forts with my kids and entertaining loved ones than trying to complete impossible crafts projects or keeping my kids’ rooms picture perfect. Isn’t life supposed to be a beautiful mess?

We have lots of cool stuff coming up here. Join the ride! We will be sharing practical ways to balance the daily juggle, featuring hip mummas we meet along the way (write me if you want to be featured!), holding fun contests, posting beautiful designs to simplify your journey, giving you the inside scoop on this blossoming community, and writing our happy and sappy thoughts as hip mummas.

Who am I? Kay here, hip mumma of two, Miss C (6) and Mr Z (1). I recently joined Hippo Blue after taking time off with Mr Z for a while. The prospect of juggling kids, a marriage, and a job was exciting but daunting as well. How is this supposed to all work??? But the guys here have been incredibly understanding of how crazy a mumma’s schedule can be. I am so happy to be writing and connecting with all the beautiful mummas out there.

So let’s go places, laugh and love life with all its possibilities and adventures!