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Bonding Over Personalised Name Labels

Posted in Kid's World
on February 29, 2016

Is it time to order a new batch of personalised name labels? Perhaps this is something that you’ve always looked forward to? Sitting down and putting together the different label elements to come up with your own design can be very creatively satisfying.

It’s one thing to order labels for yourself, and another to order for your children. You don’t mind doing it, of course. You like producing something attractive that you know your kids will like. You know that Matt likes dinosaurs, that daisies are Chloe’s favourite flowers, that Jamie is into pirates, or that Sarah loves rainbows. Who knows your own children better than you do, right? Besides, you’ll be the one to pay for the order anyway. You’re obviously the person for the task.

But what if you looked at the ordering experience as so much more than that? It can definitely be a teaching opportunity, for one. For another, it can be a bonding experience. The process of choosing for themselves is really beneficial to them. Giving them choices is actually crucial to their development, which is why it’s considered a fundamental aspect of high-quality early childhood curriculum.

You can call your child or children, if you have more than one. Sit them, one at a time, beside you in front of your computer or device and then guide them through the process of personalising their name labels. Of course, the degree of help you provide depends on their age and cognitive ability.

It’s going to be one decision after another. First they have to choose the main theme or style. There are so many to choose from. They could very well surprise you and pick something that you wouldn’t have considered for them. After this, they get to pick the colour motif for the labels.

The next step is something they actually have to come up with themselves. They get to decide what text to put on the labels. You might want to give them ideas and steer them away from inappropriate options. Finally, they get to pick out a text font.

Going through this process is a learning experience for them and is an enjoyable time spent with you. You can even turn it into an annual back-to-school tradition. Having them pick the design will also increase the value of the personalised name labels in their regard. Not only will the labels look just as your children want them to; they will also invoke a sense of ownership.


What You Need to Know About Iron-on Name Labels

Posted in Simple Life
on February 29, 2016

When it comes to name labels for clothing, the most convenient, not to mention affordable, solution is iron-on. It’s definitely less work than sewing, which is the other worthwhile option. Anything else just isn’t practical for labelling fabric.

If you’re not familiar with this technology and want to know more about it, here are the answers to some frequently asked questions:

  1. Will iron-on name labels flake off or get rubbed out after so many washings and dryings? Iron-on label materials go through rigorous and regular testing to make sure that they can withstand all types of washing machines and dryers. The general expectation is that they will remain intact longer than the clothes will.
  2. What are iron-on name labels made of? They are generally made from a blend of polyester and cotton, a material that is specifically designed for making iron-on labels.
  3. Will they work on all types of fabric or clothing material? The answer is yes. For any material that can take the heat of an iron, it’s quite straightforward; you simply iron over the label. For materials that can’t take the heat, such as wool, just place some parchment paper on top of the label for protection before you iron on.
  4. What if you made a mistake and need to get the label off? There is very little chance of a correctly ironed-on label coming off cleanly since it has been designed to stay on clothing permanently. Lots of people have tried the mettle of iron-on labels and nothing would make them come off – not detergent, not fabric softener, not another round with an iron, not a chipping tool, etc. The most viable option for correcting an error is to hide it with some blank iron-on. Better yet, avoid making a mistake altogether by double-checking your labels before ironing them on.
  5. How can you incorrectly iron on a label? If you don’t follow instructions carefully, then your labels may not turn out as well as they should. For instance, if you don’t iron on a flat surface, then the label may not end up sufficiently attached to the fabric. A similar problem may occur if you don’t set your iron hot enough or if you keep the steam switched on if you’re using a steam iron.

Iron-on labels available these days come in a sea of gorgeous designs. There’s no need to settle for the utilitarian name tape of years past. What’s more? Ironing the labels on can be a lot of fun. Without a doubt, this is the best clothing labelling option available.