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TOP 10 Colour Names 2016

Posted in Hippo Blue
on May 23, 2016
TOP Australian Kids & Baby Names 2016 (7)

I call this list name poetry. The sound and the imagery just work so well together. They are classy and modern, bold and beautiful.

Here are the TOP 10 Colour Names from the Hippo Blue National Name Day event (April – May 2016).





TOP 10 Girls & Boys Names That Begin With Letter A 2016

Posted in Hippo Blue
on May 23, 2016
TOP Australian Kids & Baby Names 2016 (10)

If you followed our Name Day event, you probably know that “Letter A Broke the Internet.”On the day that we announced Letter A, we received so many orders that it basically ran our server down to the ground by 9am… And sent us scrambling! We ended up extending Letter A till the next day. The result? Letter A had more than twice as many participants as the next popular letter, which was Letter E.

So why is the Letter A so popular? In 2006, American economists looked at the link between surnames and academic prominence, finding that those with initials early in the alphabet were markedly more likely to work in prestigious university departments and win a Nobel Prize. This ‘alphabetical discrimination’ was probably due to the fact that the authors of academic papers are often listed in alphabetical order. Simply put, we’re used to associating things at the top of a list as winners.*

Another theory we have internally (and thus based on no economic research) is the ‘wedding dress discrimination.’ A lot of parents start from the Letter A when picking their baby names. And like the wedding dress, you end up falling in love with one of the first ones that you set your eyes on. All the other ones that come after don’t quite measure up to THE one.

Another interesting fact about the A names was that only one of the names for Girls and one for Boys made the Top 20. Meaning, there are many different names that led to the Internet breakdown, but very few that are immensely popular.

Rank Top 10 Girls Names that begin with A Top 10 Boys Names that begin with A



What Mum Taught Me: Interview with Sam, Co-Founder of Hippo Blue

Posted in Hippo Blue
on May 7, 2016

1 Tell us a little about your mum.

My parents moved from the UK before they had us, and they ended up never leaving. She didn’t have a lot of skills when she came here, so she started out cleaning houses and working at the markets. In between cleaning houses and raising my sister and me, she managed to get skilled up. Now she’s an Executive Personal Assistant at a major corporation. As a kid, I didn’t know any better, but now I admire her for that. She wanted to provide for her family, and she was able to work her way up.


2 Do you have any special memories of your mum when you were growing up?

We are an outdoorsy sporty family, so we used to go away to the Grampians, Sorrento, and Metung on the weekends. My mum planned the weekend trips for us, even when she was working so hard.


3 What did your mum say when you told her you’re starting a business?

She asked me a lot of questions to make sure I was making the right decisions. She doesn’t want to see her son fail.

Now she always asks me, “What’s your bestseller?”She likes to know how it’s all going. She’s the biggest marketer for Hippo Blue, the only problem is, she markets to people in the UK, and we don’t ship there! Yet :)


4 Are there things your mother taught you that serve you well now as an entrepreneur?

Put other people first. My mum is one of those people who will run herself to the ground to make her friends and family happy. She’s taught me that if I treat others the way I want to be treated, it will always come back to me at the end. When I work with our customers, I ask myself, what would I do, and I always try my best to make her happy.


5 Any special plans for this Mother’s Day?

My mum, my sister and I are going on a Mother’s Walk in the morning in support of breast cancer. With pancakes at the end of the walk (my treat!). We will be going over to my parents’ house for dinner to celebrate.


6 Anything you want to tell your mum?

Thanks…. (thinks for a while). Thanks for making me who I am today. And you can stop buying us things now. Really…

How to Get What You Want This Mother’s Day

Posted in Mumma's World
on April 26, 2016

I pity the partners in these weeks leading up to Mother’s Day.

I know how much trouble my husband goes through to make this day run smoothly. I don’t make it easy for him. Of course, I will always, always appreciate the effort. But I can’t help myself…. While my spoken words are, ”Awwwww, it’s perfect, thank you soooo much!” my inner words are, “Too expensive! Too cheap! Too big! Too little! Too girly! Too plain!” Add to that the challenge of frying pancakes with little ones bouncing off the walls and pulling at each other while trying to shush them so that their mother can sleep in once a year. And having to choose a restaurant that is nice enough to wow the mother but not so nice that we can still dine leisurely with little ones dropping half their meal on the floor.

I say, let’s make it easy for everyone. Do we really need to test their understanding of our unspoken desires? Aren’t we with them today because they passed that test already?

So here it is. How to Get What You Want AND Make Him Feel Like a Rock Star

1.It was his idea. This is a golden rule. Do not forget this. It was HIS brilliant idea.

2.Do your research. Find out which store carries what you want. Again, the idea is to make it as easy as possible for everyone.

3.Start by dropping subtle hints. An example would go something like this. “Jake stretched my favourite sweater, I can’t wear it any more…. You know, the navy blue one from Brand XYZ. I think they still carry it at their online store.” This is where your research comes in handy.

4.If that doesn’t work, drop bolder hints. If you share a computer, leave the browser open with the exact item you want displayed to be “discovered.” If you don’t, leave open a catalogue with the item you want circled a few times, “carelessly” tossed on the kitchen bench next to the coffee machine.

5.If he asks you for ideas, give him some choices. This goes back to point number 1. You don’t want him to feel like a schmuck who just followed his partner’s order. If you give him choices, he can do minimum digging around and still “find” that perfect gift for you.

I hope this works out for you. If this doesn’t works, I’m sorry, you might have to wrap your own gift and hand it to him to give to you next Mother’s Day.

Any other ideas on what to get what you want?


5 Meaningful (and Simple) Anzac Day Activities To Try with Kids

Posted in Kid's World
on April 22, 2016
poppy fingerprint

I want my kids to know that we enjoy the lives we have, not just because mummy and daddy work hard (although this point MUST be drilled in before their teen years), and NOT because they are entitled to it, but because there are heroes we never meet.

My philosophy with these things is to choose activities that are both meaningful and enjoyable. That’s when my kids learn. Here are a few things I’ve done with my kids or that I want to try out this year to commemorate Anzac Day. Some require a bit of planning, and others, just a few moments of silence.

  1. Visit the War Memorial

The War Memorials I have visited are beautiful and peaceful. We visited the Melbourne Shrine of Remembrance when my girl was three. I think the serenity of the grounds affected my little girl as much as it affected me. She walked quietly holding my hand, without complaining. We stood in front of the Sanctuary and bowed our heads. She wanted to know what it was, and I explained to her that it was to remember the brave people who fought for us.

I did this before the actual Anzac Day. As great as it would be to attend the Dawn Service, I have not managed with my little ones. Also, I am wary of the traffic and the parking situation on the actual day. If you have little ones, consider visiting the War Memorial before or after the actual date.

  1. Send a Postcard or an Email to the Troops

I sent a letter to a soldier when I was a little kid, and I actually received a letter back. I will never forget how cool that was. Even if my kid is not as lucky, this is something I would like to try with her this year. They now allow you to email (minutes well spent) or send postcards, so my daughter will definitely be able to connect with the troops. I guess my one-year-old could send his abstract piece as well!

Click here for information on how to send a postcard or letter.

3. Bake Anzac Biscuits

What child does not love squishing their hands in dough, smelling the aroma of fresh baked cookies, and then gobbling up the tasty morsels? For me, the point here is to tell the story of the Anzac Biscuits. The story goes, the wives of the soldiers sent Anzac Biscuits to their husbands abroad because the ingredients held up well. Because my girl is old enough, I asked her questions like, “How do you think the soldier felt when he received the biscuits from his wife?” “Do you think he shared the biscuits with his friends?”

Here is a really easy 4 step Anzac Biscuit recipe you can try out.

Anzac biscuits

4. Fingerprint Poppies

My kids are really into fingerprinting these days, so I know they will enjoy this one. Again, I will talk to them about the significance of poppies. The story goes, during the First World War, red poppies popped up in the battlefields where the soldiers fell and soaked the ground with their blood. The poppies symbolise the sacrifice of shed blood. Umm, that might be a tad heavy for my kids. My daughter couldn’t get past the first ten minutes of The Good Dinosaur, this might make her shriek every time she sees a poppy…. I will keep it to “It shows the love soldiers’ love for us.”

Here is a great Fingerprint to try out – pretty and easy.

5. Honour with a Moment of Silence

Now I know this might be the hardest one on the list, especially if you’re raising a Little Miss or Mr Chatterbox. I pick a time when the whole family is together, and the kids are feeling calm and quiet (I know, it’s a rare moment). Then I tell everyone to close eyes, hold hands, and in our hearts (without speaking), say thank you to the men and women who fought for us. It’s only one or two minutes, and everyone feels thankful afterwards.