Call Me A Bag Lady

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on April 20, 2016
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I’m going to share with you one of the tricks that help me maintain my sanity in the morning while delivering two kids to school/childcare and getting to work on time (ok, give or take 10 minutes…).

I have a bag for every purpose.

My 6 year old daughter has 7 bags that she uses regularly, and this is not counting her little handbags (School backpack, Lunch bag, Library bag, Swim bag, Music bag, Activity bag, Overnighter/Travel backpack).

My baby boy has 5 bags (Childcare backpack, Snack bag, Swim bag, Nappy bag, Activity bag).

When you come into our house, the first thing you will see is bags… All lined up at the entrance. My kids know where to drop off their bags (yes, basically, plunk it down as soon as they enter, but I’ve designed it so that this is the right spot… maybe that’s another trick in itself!!). She knows where to fetch her reader. I know where to go to unpack the lunchboxes and fish out the wet bathers and soiled clothes. I know where to drop in the water bottles and lunch boxes. BOOM!

I get nice ones for the main bags that get used everyday – the School/Childcare Backpack and Lunch Bag, I actually have personalised bags from Hippo Blue. I let my daughter choose the design because my theory is they will take better care of things that they picked out. For my boy, his carers appreciate that they can easily identify his personalised bag because it’s got his name on it. The latest designs even show a character in his likeness, so they will like that even more! The other bags are either gifts or freebies I received over the years at shops, baby classes, and swim schools.

Try it out and let me know how it works for you! I say, if it saves you 2 minutes in a day, it’s worth it!!

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