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Important Things to Consider When Having Personalised Name Labels Made

Posted in Kid's World, Simple Life
on March 18, 2016

If you spend a lot of time on social media sites, you’re probably aware that a lot of people dedicate a great amount of time and money to beautifying their personal items using stationery. Among these trailblazing stationery items are labels; they’re a big hit among crafts-loving folks around the world. The really cool thing about labels is that they’re not just functional — they’re decorative as well.

Personalised name labels, in particular, are very popular because they are made according to the aesthetic and functional requirements of the user. If you’re thinking of having personalised name labels made to use on your belongings or for your kids’, here are some important things to consider to ensure that they properly indicate ownership at all times.

  1. Font – If you’re having the name labels made for your children, big typefaces and bold fonts are recommended, especially if they’re still young and cannot quite read yet. Also, a unique font will set the name label apart or make it more recognisable.
  2. Colour – This is a vital consideration if you want the name label to stand out; you want to make sure that the label is easily visible because it doesn’t blend into the design of the items they’re adhered to.
  3. Stickiness – This a must in ensuring that sticker labels stay in place. Otherwise, those labels won’t be able to do their job of continuously providing personal belongings with “identity of ownership.” There are labels with adhesives that are water-resistant and can stick to any kind of surface — these are the best to use if the items are washed regularly, are often exposed to water, or if the owner has the tendency to peel labels off most surfaces.
  4. Design – This is another vital consideration because of its aesthetic value. If you want the labels to enhance the look of your personal belongings, you should definitely give the design a lot of thought. Think of the shape of the label, the pattern, and the other visual components so it can look uniquely your own.
  5. Durability – Go for sticker vinyl that is water- and stain-resistant. On top of that, this kind of sticker vinyl is thick and difficult to peel off, and it retains colour well. If you want long-lasting personalised name labels, you should certainly enquire about the quality of the vinyl.


With this guide, you can be sure that the labels you order will enhance the appearance of your belongings and can be used for a long time.


Bonding Over Personalised Name Labels

Posted in Kid's World
on February 29, 2016

Is it time to order a new batch of personalised name labels? Perhaps this is something that you’ve always looked forward to? Sitting down and putting together the different label elements to come up with your own design can be very creatively satisfying.

It’s one thing to order labels for yourself, and another to order for your children. You don’t mind doing it, of course. You like producing something attractive that you know your kids will like. You know that Matt likes dinosaurs, that daisies are Chloe’s favourite flowers, that Jamie is into pirates, or that Sarah loves rainbows. Who knows your own children better than you do, right? Besides, you’ll be the one to pay for the order anyway. You’re obviously the person for the task.

But what if you looked at the ordering experience as so much more than that? It can definitely be a teaching opportunity, for one. For another, it can be a bonding experience. The process of choosing for themselves is really beneficial to them. Giving them choices is actually crucial to their development, which is why it’s considered a fundamental aspect of high-quality early childhood curriculum.

You can call your child or children, if you have more than one. Sit them, one at a time, beside you in front of your computer or device and then guide them through the process of personalising their name labels. Of course, the degree of help you provide depends on their age and cognitive ability.

It’s going to be one decision after another. First they have to choose the main theme or style. There are so many to choose from. They could very well surprise you and pick something that you wouldn’t have considered for them. After this, they get to pick the colour motif for the labels.

The next step is something they actually have to come up with themselves. They get to decide what text to put on the labels. You might want to give them ideas and steer them away from inappropriate options. Finally, they get to pick out a text font.

Going through this process is a learning experience for them and is an enjoyable time spent with you. You can even turn it into an annual back-to-school tradition. Having them pick the design will also increase the value of the personalised name labels in their regard. Not only will the labels look just as your children want them to; they will also invoke a sense of ownership.


How Clothing Labels Save the Day

Posted in Kid's World, Simple Life
on November 17, 2015

Are you the type to put a name label on everything for fear of losing, misplacing, or mixing up items? It’s not being obsessive; it’s just being smart.

Do you have several kids? Do your son and husband share the same size? Do you have twins? Clothing labels are particularly helpful. Come laundry day, they’re the instrument of order—the very thing to keep you from throwing your hands up and giving in to chaos.

Have you ever sent your child off to camp only to have him come back home with rocks taking up most of his suitcase? Did you want to return him to the stork when he happily averred, “I almost had to leave some of my collection behind. It’s a good thing I couldn’t find one pair of jeans and my windbreaker”? You tried getting the camp office to send you the lost items in case they ever surfaced, but you were only met with a chuckle.

“You can come by to pick up your son’s missing clothing anytime, but you should know that there are about 10 pairs of jeans without name labels and jackets twice that number at our Lost and Found. Our priority is to get this Invisalign tray somebody left behind back to its rightful owner.”

You decided to just give up on the jeans and windbreaker and just be thankful that your son’s traditional braces were safely inside his mouth at all times.

Or have you ever had a daughter in university call you, lamenting her disobedience? You remember imagining her sneering face and rolling eyes as you reminded her to iron on her special order clothing labels on newly acquired clothes. You listened as she told you about the dispute between herself and a dorm-mate over who owned the newer version of the same blouse. If she hadn’t produced the receipt, the other co-ed would have gotten away with it. The battle of the blouses could have been avoided if she had ironed on a clothing label right away.

These are just some of possible scenarios wherein labels save the day. Clothing labels are the very thing to keep your clothes from wandering off. When choosing which labels to order, make sure you get something that’s easy to attach, aesthetically pleasing, durable, and versatile. You want them to stick well on everything, from jumpers and shirts to raincoats and shoes. Iron-on labels are most convenient to use. There’s no need to stitch and you can count on them to stay on the clothes after many washings.

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Benefits of Reading Story Books

Posted in Kid's World
on October 19, 2015

As a parent, you’d like to give your child the best advantage in life so that he will be equipped to face the challenges he will face later on. More often than not, that means nudging your child toward academic excellence that is anchored upon the love for reading.

With so many things competing for your child’s attention—TV, mobile devices, gaming consoles, et cetera—instilling the love for books can be quite a difficult challenge for many parents. The challenge may be tough, but the rewards can be immense.

Forge stronger bonds

As your baby begins to grow older and move around, setting aside time for reading gives both of you a welcome break from both playtime and your household chores, enabling you to form stronger bonds.

Better performance in school

According to numerous studies, children who were exposed to reading at an early age performed well in school. Having a mastery of reading paves the way for success in various subjects including math and science.

Faster development of speech skills

During preschool, a young child learns to understand a language and develop enunciation skills. By reading aloud to your child, you help them recognise basic sounds of the language.

Improved communication

Children’s books often show the interplay between characters. As a parent reads aloud, the child forms an idea of how people express themselves and communicate with one another.

Developing logical thinking

Story books are a great way for young children to hone their logical thinking and apply these in various scenarios, including real life situations.

Discipline and concentration

Reading is one habit that requires both discipline and concentration. By teaching your child to love reading, you inculcate within them these attributes that can prove beneficial inside and outside of school.

But how do you help your child develop a love for reading?

Children often look to their parents and the examples they set. Simply put, you cannot teach your child to love and enjoy reading if they hardly see you picking up a book. Do your best to limit his screen time (including TV and tablets) and set aside time for you to read aloud and for both of you to quietly read the books of your choice. Try to make books readily available and accessible to your child. It would be helpful to help them pick the books that appeal to them.

Finally, consider purchasing personalised story books for your young one. With your child as the centre of the story involving interesting characters, he or she will be more engrossed in finishing the story.

“The Adventures You’ll Have” is a personalised story book which is the result of the collaboration between Hippo Blue and Brett Curzon, a local author and illustrator famed for his book “Bill the Fish.”