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6 Benefits of Personalised School Bags for Your Kids

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on December 12, 2016

Just as with grownups, our children appreciate stuff they can call their own. This sense of ownership naturally creates the passion to guard the items.

This increases tenfold when items they own are personalised. Even though backpacks are readily available, having one personalised for your kid will do wonders in their emotional development. Among the benefits are:

  1. They make your kid more responsible

We all want kids to grow up into responsible adults. We delight in seeing them progressively develop a sense of independence the right way.

The nametag on the backpack reminds your son or daughter that taking care of the backpack is his or her responsibility. This also inculcates the idea of accountability when it comes to keeping the bag clean and well taken care of.

  1. Your kid will love it


Besides name tags, personalised school bags can have cartoon avatars.

By having their favourite cartoon character on the bag, using it would be a treat too your kids and make their school days bright.

From pirate themed backpacks to owl backpacks; jungle themed backpacks to dinosaur backpacks; ladybird themed backpacks to butterfly backpacks; transport themed backpacks to train backpacks… the variety makes it easy to choose which one your kid likes.

All these come in ideal sizes and shapes for each child to carry around.

  1. The bag can be designed to suit your child’s specific needs

Personalised backpacks can be designed with your child’s particular needs in mind. The backpack can fit  your child’s favourite toy, snacks and/or drink to school.

This makes the bags ideal for attending PE lessons and carrying swimming kits.

In addition, the padded straps should be as comfortable as you desire them to be for your young one, and adjustable to meet their exacting needs at different times.

  1. Personalised bags can motivate your kid to love school

Being a child, your kid will tend to appreciate getting unique things. And when they do get some, they’ll want to share the delight with their friends and peers.

If your kid is less motivated about school, a backpack with his or her name label on it can do the trick. The mere feeling that they have something to show off will encourage them to want to be in school where they can show the bag to friends.

Having a unique school bag can be really exciting to a youngster. In addition, buying them the bag will inherently show them that you value their schooling and are willing to support them. They’ll love that.  

  1. The bag encourages the kid to work hard at school


The personalised school rucksack can be an effective form of positive reinforcement for your child work hard at school.

The favourite superhero or cartoon character on the bag will constantly remind your kids that they need to work hard to be like that superhero. Such motivation can do wonders in improving your kid’s performance at school.

  1. Increased accountability means the bag will last longer


Let’s face it, we’d all love to save money wherever we have the chance to.

One way is to help your child become more watchful of his or her one backpack!. All you need is to help make them love the bag: personalise it.

They will guard it. If they have their name on it, they won’t lose it. And as they keep it, you save on the cost of buying a replacement.

A sense of ownership, posItive reinforcement and a motivator – a personalised backpack helps your kids in a variety of ways. This is apart from the sturdiness and adequate space it has to fit everything your child needs.  These are just a number of benefits from a personalised backpack, giving you value for money indeed.   



Letter to My New Mum Neighbour: 7 Tips to Enjoy the First Months with Baby

Posted in Mumma's World
on May 27, 2016
best place on earth... adrian drebler

Dear Kristy,

Welcome to this prestigious club we call Motherhood!

I’ve watched you as your belly ballooned. As you started developing a waddle. I saw your car pull up your driveway on the way back from the hospital. I met your baby girl for the first time, in a perfect swaddle, snoozing in her brand new pram.

I know the last thing a new mother wants is unsolicited advice. So I bite my tongue, but I have so many things I want to share with you. Here are some things that helped me through the first months, that I wish someone had told me.

  1. Shower every day. Before having a child, it was just a daily chore, something I did without even thinking. But after having a child, especially immediately afterwards, it was the little bit of me-time I needed. On tough days after marathon sessions of feeding, it made me feel like myself again.

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How to Get What You Want This Mother’s Day

Posted in Mumma's World
on April 26, 2016

I pity the partners in these weeks leading up to Mother’s Day.

I know how much trouble my husband goes through to make this day run smoothly. I don’t make it easy for him. Of course, I will always, always appreciate the effort. But I can’t help myself…. While my spoken words are, ”Awwwww, it’s perfect, thank you soooo much!” my inner words are, “Too expensive! Too cheap! Too big! Too little! Too girly! Too plain!” Add to that the challenge of frying pancakes with little ones bouncing off the walls and pulling at each other while trying to shush them so that their mother can sleep in once a year. And having to choose a restaurant that is nice enough to wow the mother but not so nice that we can still dine leisurely with little ones dropping half their meal on the floor.

I say, let’s make it easy for everyone. Do we really need to test their understanding of our unspoken desires? Aren’t we with them today because they passed that test already?

So here it is. How to Get What You Want AND Make Him Feel Like a Rock Star

1.It was his idea. This is a golden rule. Do not forget this. It was HIS brilliant idea.

2.Do your research. Find out which store carries what you want. Again, the idea is to make it as easy as possible for everyone.

3.Start by dropping subtle hints. An example would go something like this. “Jake stretched my favourite sweater, I can’t wear it any more…. You know, the navy blue one from Brand XYZ. I think they still carry it at their online store.” This is where your research comes in handy.

4.If that doesn’t work, drop bolder hints. If you share a computer, leave the browser open with the exact item you want displayed to be “discovered.” If you don’t, leave open a catalogue with the item you want circled a few times, “carelessly” tossed on the kitchen bench next to the coffee machine.

5.If he asks you for ideas, give him some choices. This goes back to point number 1. You don’t want him to feel like a schmuck who just followed his partner’s order. If you give him choices, he can do minimum digging around and still “find” that perfect gift for you.

I hope this works out for you. If this doesn’t works, I’m sorry, you might have to wrap your own gift and hand it to him to give to you next Mother’s Day.

Any other ideas on what to get what you want?