Easy Ideas for Personalised Labels for Kids

Posted in Simple Life
on January 14, 2016

Your days will get hectic when it’s the school term. You’ll have multiple things going on at once, especially when you have more than two kids. Your mornings will get chaotic and you’ll feel exhausted most of the time. From getting ready for school to going home from school, you can get organised amid the seeming disorder—and still have time left for you and the spouse.

All it takes is some careful planning, and some clever use of personalised labels for kids.

Make your before- and after-school routine list.

You can manage your kids’ school routine the way you would manage your work. A list is one of the best tools for achieving this approach. With a proper list, you’re able to cover everything and confirm what has or has not been done. Your list should include the time the kids have to wake up and their tasks once they get home from school (e.g. notes out, homework, and chores).

Get the kids together and talk about what will happen.

On the weekend, go over the list with your kids. If you have older kids, you could put one or two in charge of waking the little ones and checking to see if rooms have been tidied up. This should give you time to prepare breakfast. Place the name labels of your kids across their designated tasks. Seeing their names in colourful and creative styles will encourage them to take on their responsibilities.

Prepare a school routine kit.

Kids love presents. So why not wrap their notebooks and pencils in lovely packages? You can put name labels on each item or include the name label packs with the present, giving your kids the freedom and creativity to place it as they wish.

Make easy yet nutritious lunches a day before.

You’ve purchased the neat lunch boxes and put their names on the corresponding boxes. But they may fail to sustain your kids’ excitement when the boxes only contain a single fruit and a pack of biscuits. There are ways to send the kids off to school with delicious yet healthy food without toiling away in the kitchen.

You can make their food the day before, like turkey and mayo or meatballs, and put the sandwiches together as they eat breakfast. Line up their lunches on the counter and let them put it inside their own lunchboxes. Label the one you made for your kid who has allergies to a certain ingredient. This should prevent any mix-up with the lunches.

Put a cabinet in the hall or the entrance, and label each space for each kid.

Finally, keep your kids from throwing their bags anyplace they like. A cabinet in the hall or the entrance should serve as storage for their bags, jackets, or boots. Place name labels on each space. An empty space will immediately mean one of your kids has neglected his or her belongings in some room.


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