Entice Your Kids to Read More

Posted in Kid's World
on October 19, 2015

Reading regularly has been associated with a host of benefits. Academic excellence has been invariably tied with a high reading proficiency, serving as a building block for skills in other subjects including math and science. Young kids who have been exposed to reading in their households have been observed to exhibit improved communication and logical thinking skills. Reading also helps instill both discipline and concentration in a person—two assets that can prove to be valuable both within and beyond the four corners of school.

However, with so many things vying for the attention of your child, how do you teach them to love and enjoy reading? Here are a few helpful tips.

Set aside time to read aloud

One good way to encourage your child to read and love books is to set aside time to read aloud to him. Start as early as possible using children’s books filled with pictures.

In order for the child to make positive associations, make sure that you keep story time distraction-free. Turn off the TV and your cellphone.

Once your child gains some reading proficiency, you can take turns reading aloud. This will allow your child to further develop his appreciation of books.

Make books accessible to your child

Children look up to their parents and the examples they set. If they see books, magazines and other reading materials in your home, they associate reading as an integral aspect of your daily life.

At the soonest time possible, begin building your home library. For your young one, pick books that are easy to handle and durable enough for them.

Choose books that appeal to them

Make it easier for you to entice your child to love reading by opting for books that appeal to them. If you are reading aloud to them and he seems bored, set that book aside and choose another title.

Go online and check recommendations from library associations. Alternatively, you can visit your local library and solicit recommendations from the librarian and even from other parents.

You can also purchase personalised children’s books like “The Adventures You’ll Have.” This book is the result of the collaboration between Hippo Blue and Brett Curzon, who is known for his book “Bill the Fish.”

This personalised story book puts your child at the front and centre of the story involving an eclectic group of characters who figure in different adventures. Deftly combining Curzon’s storytelling and imagery, the book is the perfect companion for your child’s journey to self-belief.


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