Gifts To Mould Your Child’s Self-Belief

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on April 14, 2016
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Reading is a very important activity for young children. From books, they are able to learn more about the world. Likewise, books help them tap into their imagination, which is a highly crucial component of cognitive development. And most importantly, books — particularly storybooks — can take your kids on thrilling adventures without exposing them to any kind of physical danger or discomfort.

Therefore, if you want your children to be blessed with great imagination (which will help them in their journey throughout life), books truly make awesome gifts.

Storybooks are excellent creations and your children will likely collect many of them as they cultivate a love for reading. But if you’re looking to present something really unique to them – something that they will treasure all their lives — you should consider getting them personalised books while they’re young.

Talented local authors and illustrators can create personalised books; they will make your child the main character and hero of the story. What’s particularly impressive about a personalised storybook is your child, even at an early age, can learn that his existence has value. And, depending on the choices he makes, his life can work for the betterment of others as well; a single action from him can create a huge impact. This moral is imperative in shaping a child’s sense of accountability or responsibility.

Another big advantage that personalised books offer is they will allow your child to build upon presented ideas and make them his own. Every time he reads “his” story, he can expand the complexity of the journey the story’s taking him on. This is highly beneficial in forming more synaptic connections in the brain. So, as real life gets more complicated as he ages, you can be sure he has a deep pool of ideas to work with in order to solve life’s problems.

Also, with a personalised storybook, instead of looking up to other story heroes, your child can make himself his own hero. There’s nothing wrong with having other characters to look up to, but the advantage here is he will learn to rely on himself more than depend on other people all the time. You can empower him by building his confidence in his own personal abilities. The book will serve as an affirmation that he is a wonderfully crafted and unique person.

Lastly, personalised books make fantastic gifts because it’s something that your child can call completely his own. It’s something that he can keep for all his life as one of the early manuals he used in designing his own lifelong tale.

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