Joy of Stickering

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on April 1, 2016
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My child has a serious sticker fetish. From the moment her little eyes lay sight on the cute shapes and her little fingers touched the slight stickiness, she was hooked.

So you can imagine what our house looked like before she learned to rein in her enthusiasm. Mickey and Minnie, My Little Pony, sparkly fairies, alphabet letters, glow in the dark stars adorned her playroom furniture, our bathroom mirrors, our white walls, the glass on our front door…. The worst were the cheap ones that refused to peel off, that left little bits of stubborn sticky grime that no Ajax could remove. And not just flat surfaces. I learned to check myself for stickers before I walked into work.

Fast forward a few years… She is now at an age when she actually uses stickers for their intended purpose (like using 20+ stickers on a single birthday invitation card). So imagine our joy-hers and mine-when we learned of name label stickers!

We went on the website for name labels. She loved picking out the design. After some back and forth, she picked out the fruit ones. A few days later, they arrived in our mailbox. Sheets and sheets of high-quality stickiness! All matchy matchy! With her name beautifully printed! Glory!

“What can I sticker?!?”she was literally hopping up and down, holding her packet of name labels. I took out her favourite gel pens, scented textas, pencils with animal eraser tops. Ones that were worthy of their own name label. She was off in her sticker wonderland.

While she was working on her stationery, I went to the kitchen and created an assembly line of her lunch boxes, snack boxes, and water bottles on the dining table. She happily bounced into the kitchen, picking out different shaped and sized name stickers for each of her boxes and bottles.

They were all done!!! With the years of practice she has had, she is actually a great “sticker-er”(as she calls it).

“What else can I sticker?”she asked a little sadly, knowing our task was coming to an end.

“Hmm, I don’t know honey, you’ve done such a good job,” I tell her, and I honestly can’t think of anything else that needs stickering right now.

She thinks for a while. Then she says, “I know! Zachy needs name labels!!!” Zachy, her baby brother, who has not yet discovered the joy of stickering.

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