Benefits of Reading Story Books

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on October 19, 2015

As a parent, you’d like to give your child the best advantage in life so that he will be equipped to face the challenges he will face later on. More often than not, that means nudging your child toward academic excellence that is anchored upon the love for reading.

With so many things competing for your child’s attention—TV, mobile devices, gaming consoles, et cetera—instilling the love for books can be quite a difficult challenge for many parents. The challenge may be tough, but the rewards can be immense.

Forge stronger bonds

As your baby begins to grow older and move around, setting aside time for reading gives both of you a welcome break from both playtime and your household chores, enabling you to form stronger bonds.

Better performance in school

According to numerous studies, children who were exposed to reading at an early age performed well in school. Having a mastery of reading paves the way for success in various subjects including math and science.

Faster development of speech skills

During preschool, a young child learns to understand a language and develop enunciation skills. By reading aloud to your child, you help them recognise basic sounds of the language.

Improved communication

Children’s books often show the interplay between characters. As a parent reads aloud, the child forms an idea of how people express themselves and communicate with one another.

Developing logical thinking

Story books are a great way for young children to hone their logical thinking and apply these in various scenarios, including real life situations.

Discipline and concentration

Reading is one habit that requires both discipline and concentration. By teaching your child to love reading, you inculcate within them these attributes that can prove beneficial inside and outside of school.

But how do you help your child develop a love for reading?

Children often look to their parents and the examples they set. Simply put, you cannot teach your child to love and enjoy reading if they hardly see you picking up a book. Do your best to limit his screen time (including TV and tablets) and set aside time for you to read aloud and for both of you to quietly read the books of your choice. Try to make books readily available and accessible to your child. It would be helpful to help them pick the books that appeal to them.

Finally, consider purchasing personalised story books for your young one. With your child as the centre of the story involving interesting characters, he or she will be more engrossed in finishing the story.

“The Adventures You’ll Have” is a personalised story book which is the result of the collaboration between Hippo Blue and Brett Curzon, a local author and illustrator famed for his book “Bill the Fish.”


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