Parents’ Secret to Avoiding Lost School Gear

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on January 14, 2016

Before the school year starts, you buy your children brand new gear, including shoes and a new lunch box. But even before the school year ends, you immediately notice that your kid has lost more than a few of his belongings.

In order to minimise the loss of your child’s belongings due to mix-ups, here are a few things that parents can do.


Use name labels for shoes and socks

Children have this peculiar habit of taking off their shoes and socks before playing with their peers. And in their hurry to do so, they often forget to properly store their belongings. Often, their stuff gets mixed up with those belonging to their schoolmates. One great way to prevent this is to use name labels; Australia has a trusted provider, Hippo Blue, from which parents can purchase these. You can also use name labels for your child’s hats.


Get a dishwasher-proof sticker for lunchboxes

If the school your child goes to has a rubbish-free lunchbox policy, he may have to bring his own Tupperware for his lunch. Again, kids have a tendency to leave their lunch containers at the cafeteria. One simple way to prevent this is to use a sticker that is dishwasher-proof.


On the other hand, if your young one keeps losing his drink bottle, you can invest in one that is personalised for him.


Invest in pencil labels for his art supplies

During art class or playtime, many children love to colour and draw, sharing their art supplies. Again, their penchant for mixing their gear with their friends’ things results in missing pencils and colours. Invest in pencil labels to minimise this.


Buy a personalised backpack

You might think that it’s unlikely for kids to leave something as big as a backpack behind, but there have been a few incidences wherein children actually do. Make it easier for your child to identify his own bag (and remember not to leave it behind) by getting him a personalised backpack. You can also purchase a personalised bag for his books and notebooks.


Prevent medical emergencies with allergy labels

If your child is allergic to certain types of food, his teachers and classmates should be made aware of this. Use allergy labels as a simple yet effective reminder for his teachers and peers.


It’s nice to spend money and buy new things for your young one. However, if he constantly loses his stuff, that can mean money down the drain. Teach him the value of taking care of his things while using the aforementioned tips.


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