Name Labels – The Gift of Identity

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on September 18, 2015

When it comes to presents, most people would rarely consider gifting somebody with name labels.

They will mostly likely think, what’s the point in giving people stickers or plates with their name on it? It’s not like they’ll forget who they are.

However, if you would really think about it, these actually would make awesome and decidedly useful presents, especially for young children who may find writing their name on things too tedious, and often lose their belongings. They’re also great for much younger children who cannot read yet; these fun labels will set their items apart from other children’s because they can come in unique shapes and colours that are much easier to recognise than groups of letters.

Other than those, name labels are not just for the quick and easy identification of personally owned items. They can serve other functions, too, especially the sticker kind. Name labels with adhesive at the back can be used to secure gift-wrapping and as a gift card label substitute (it’s so convenient to not have to write your name for gifts or make sure that your handwriting’s nice and even), and with their stylish designs, they can enhance the look of plain items.

There are also name labels created for effective organisation. These are actually quite popular items for teachers, parents and students who are always looking for ways to make organisation not only effective, but also fun. The stickers can be attached to everything from schedule boards, to storage cans, to shelves, to glass containers for kitchen ingredients—they can stick to anything, even to irregularly shaped items. Some even use these labels for their planners so that these organisational tools will look much nicer, and not just appear as mere notebooks with plain handwriting on them.

All in all, name labels are smart gift considerations because not only are they functionally versatile, but they are pretty stylish as well. They can be customised to meet the style preference of recipients, and you can even make them better by choosing special materials (water-proof, dishwasher-safe, microwave-safe, tear- or rip-proof, etc.) so that they last longer. There are companies that make personalised labels, which are truly intended as gifts. They easily accommodate design requirements, apart from the fact that they already have a variety of styles available for clients to choose from.

Best of all, the name labels are all high-quality and available at an affordable price. So if you’re thinking of an economical but useful birthday or holiday present, it’s hard to go wrong with name labels.

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