How to Use Personalised Children’s Books to Make Childhood More Fun

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on May 18, 2016
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When you have children in your life, be they your own children or someone else’s, what are your wishes for them? Generally, we wish our wee ones good health and happiness. One way to make them happy is to ensure that they’re having lots of fun. Of course, there’s more to happiness than just having fun, but it’s a pretty good start.

If you need an idea for making your favourite youngsters’ childhood extra fun, you should look into giving them personalised children’s books. Besides making them feel special for having a book that’s about them, you also open up opportunities for plenty of fun. In what ways can your kids use personalised children’s books to have fun? Here are some tips:

  • Read it as a tradition – Having traditions is good for the soul, especially for the young soul. It allows them to have something steadfast in their lives. You could make the reading of their personalised book part of their bedtime or morning routine. You could also suggest that the book be read only when they feel bad. Or you could require that it be read only with a certain type of food or drink like a peanut butter cookie or a hot chocolate. You could even make it a special occasion book, only to be read during birthdays and holidays. It can be your call or their call.
  • Share it with new friends. As awesome as the book is for “Show & Tell,” perhaps your children could share it only when they’re having a new friend over for the first time. It will make a great ice breaker and be fun to read together.
  • Use it for inspiration for adventure. Things may seem more interesting in fiction than in real life, but there’s no doubt that books have inspired many readers to set out and make their own lives extraordinary. How much more effective as an inspiration will a story be that has made your young readers as the main characters?
  • Use it to explore creativity and imagination. If your children are not quite ready to set out on adventures, a personalised book can spark their imagination and perhaps push them to come up with more tales of adventures themselves. They can write, draw, or even just narrate them to a captive audience: you.

A personalised book can certainly ignite a love for reading and traditional books. Some people may not regard reading as a fun activity, but they can’t be more wrong. Through books, children are introduced to fascinating people, places, things, ideas, etc. Without a doubt, reading enriches lives and a childhood is certainly the more fun for it.

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