Unique Presents for the Young People You Love

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on October 19, 2015

Finding a suitable present for the people you hold dear can be quite a difficult task.

For one, you would want your gift to convey the message that the recipient is special to you. As such, you would want to steer clear from the usual. Next, you’d want to give something that the recipient will truly value instead of something that will be recycled and given to another person—or worse, stored somewhere to be forgotten. You’d also want to avoid giving the recipient something that he or she already owns, rendering the gift redundant. Finally, you would want a gift that is affordable but not necessarily cheap.

The task gets doubly hard when the recipient is a child (like your nephew, niece, godchild or even your own son or daughter). The easiest choice would be to pick out a toy or simply hand him or her a gift card and let the child select the item he or she wants.

Or you can opt for something personalised.

Personalised gifts convey the message that you put much thought about the present and the recipient himself. Furthermore, you are giving out something that is unique and that only the recipient can possess.

For young kids, consider giving personalised kids’ books like “The Adventures You’ll Have,” a collaboration between Hippo Blue and author and illustrator Brett Curzon who has gained acclaim for his earlier book “Bill the Fish.”

Giving a young child a book encourages him to see books and reading as things that are both positive and beneficial. The habit of reading, especially among kids, has been associated with good performance in school, the development of communication skills, discipline, and concentration.

Falling in love with books has never been easier with “The Adventures You’ll Have.” With the reader placed front and centre of the story filled with an eclectic group of characters brought to life by Curzon’s stunning illustrations, the young reader is taken on a journey toward self-belief.

This storybook is suitable for children aged between two and eight years old and contains 32 pages of inspiring fun. “The Adventures You’ll Have”  boasts of a cover and inside sheets with premium print finish.

If you are having a difficult time finding the perfect gift for your young niece, nephew, godchild, son, daughter or friend, consider “The Adventures You’ll Have.” You can help jumpstart the recipient’s love affair with reading and books with this personalised storybook.

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