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The Qualities of Great School Labels

Posted in Simple Life
on November 17, 2015

Kids will lose their things. They will forget about their stuff and leave them behind. They won’t remember where they placed it. They will swear that something was just there, except that, now, it’s clearly not. They will pick up an item that’s identical to one they own—or even just similarly styled—and bring it home, leaving their own behind.

It can be small things, big things, rarely used things, frequently used things, things they don’t care about, things that are supposedly important to them… They’re really quite democratic. Of course, as their parent, you have the job of teaching them about responsibility.

A good way to train them to be mindful of their things is to teach them the system of having a place for everything and making sure to keep everything in its place. They’re bound to notice more when something is missing. Condition them as well to have a mental checklist they can go through before leaving the classroom.

But even with all the excellent training, kids will be kids. When play is involved, all the other details tend to get lost in the fun, so this is where school labels come in. For items that your kids bring to and use in school, it’s best to stick personalised labels. You can even get them customised to bear their school logo. The labels will deal with the problem of lost and misplaced items. Also, in case your kids lose an item elsewhere, the finder can bring it to the school. With labels, you and your kids have a better chance of reuniting with lost items.

School labels go on all types of materials, not just paper and plastic. Even plastic items sometimes need to be washed, too, and not just wiped down, so it’s best that you order labels that are waterproof. This is a smart move since it means that you can also apply them on fabric items, such as clothes, sneakers, handkerchiefs, towels, etc. Not only should your labels be washing machine- and dishwasher-safe, but they should also be dryer- and microwave-safe. For this, you need a robust yet lightweight material that doesn’t tear, disintegrate or combust easily.

One of the important things you should remember when marking your things with a label is to pick a design that’s pretty but neutral so that it will go well with any pattern or colour. When it comes to school labels, you may be forgiven for any colour clashing if you use your kids’ school colours.

Labels should look nice, be useful, and last long. Make sure you keep this in mind when placing your order.