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Name Labels – Keeping You From Losing Your Things

Posted in Simple Life
on November 17, 2015

When the new school year is about to start, parents spend a small fortune buying their kids the supplies they need to resume their studies. Back-to-school shopping being what it is, they want to ensure as much as they can that the cost, time, and effort they spend do not come to naught should their children prove themselves true to form and start losing and misplacing their new things left and right.

If you’re a parent, you know how hard it is to keep track of kids’ things, especially if you have a large family. School teachers and administrators realise this as well, hence the reminder they issue to parents to use name labels on their children’s things. This way, it would be easy to return items that make their way to the Lost and Found to their rightful owners.

Name labels have been one of the most effective solutions people have had for many years to deal with the possibility of losing, misplacing, or mixing up things. Back in the day, people simply wrote on their possessions with a permanent marker. Parents who are handy with a needle and thread sometimes embroidered names on fabric items. Of course, there’s also the handy label maker.

While these options do the job of labelling items, they usually take away from the aesthetic value of the object, especially if you’re just scribbling with a marker. Labels made by your standard label makers, on the other hand, look very generic. They also tend to come off easily and do not typically stand the assault of water or heat.

It would be much more convenient to use personalised name labels that can be identified to your family or a particular child. You can put them on anything from bags and notebooks to shoes and clothes. You can make sure that the material is sturdy—tear-proof, dishwasher-safe, microwave-safe, etc.

Of course, kids aren’t the only ones who are given to losing or misplacing their things. Parents with their multitude of concerns can be forgiven for being forgetful every now and then. For instance, have you ever left an umbrella in a taxi cab? How about a book or a notebook at church, at a café, at a friend’s house, etc.? Or what if you lend an item to a friend who may not be very conscientious about getting it back to you right away? Your name label will be a constant reminder to return the item.

Without a doubt, name labels make a smart investment for those who want to lower the risk of losing their things before they’re ready to let go of them.