The Best Name Labels for Clothing Take the Stress Out of Different Situations

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on March 18, 2016

When you have a little one at home — especially if it’s your first one — you’ll be surprised to discover just how many articles of clothing he will soon own.

A happy little mess

Soon after his birth (or even earlier, during your baby shower), relatives and friends will be eager to send over their gifts and tokens for the new little man in your life, and many of these presents are sure to be clothes.

Add to that the little mountain of clothing that you and your husband have already purchased yourselves (there’s likely to be a pile for the absolute essentials, and another pile for clothes that you couldn’t resist buying because they were so cute — even if they were still too big), and you’ve got yourself a nice full wardrobe for your son.

Now, there’s certainly nothing wrong with being fully prepared to clothe your child and keep him nice and comfortable at all times. It will be amusing, however, to discover how keeping track of all the little clothes can be challenging when new developments take place in your family’s life — like when another baby arrives, and when the kids are old enough to attend day care and school.

Labels save the day

Fortunately, you can purchase name labels designed specifically for children’s clothes (like the high-quality personalised labels created by Hippo Blue) that you can use to tell which clothes belong to which child.

How do you know that you’ve got the best name labels for clothing? They should be easy to iron onto clothes, waterproof, washing machine safe, and dryer safe. These qualities mean that the labels are easily attached to the clothes, they will stay clear and highly readable for a long while, and they will not be damaged from repeated cycles in washing machines and tumble driers.

Best of all, name labels help take the stress out of regular activities:


Your child interacts with other kids in school all day, and it can be easy for his things to become misplaced or switched with his classmates’. A label makes it easy for your child to learn to keep track of his belongings, return what isn’t his, and use and bring home what is his. There’ll be less headaches over looking for items, and you won’t have to keep buying new clothes to replace lost ones.

Field trips

You’re sure to pack extra clothes, jackets, socks, towels or blankets when your child goes on a field trip, and you’ll want all these to still be with your kid when he comes home. Labels help teachers and chaperones make sure that their little charges have all they brought (and need) with them during the excursion.


Your kid will have lots of clothes in his overnight bag when he spends the night at a friend’s house. Those clothes and other things will be sure to be mixed up and strewn all over the sleepover venue, but the labels will help your son find his own things.

Laundry day

Finally, what parent hasn’t felt confusion over which clothes belong to which child once the laundry is done? Labels make it easy for mums and dads to sort through the pile and identify which ones belong to each kid.

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