TOP 5 Name Trends Uncovered 2016

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on May 23, 2016
TOP Australian Kids & Baby Names 2016 (9)

The collection of names was such a wealth of information. What I loved most of all was finding the trends lurking in the names. I believe names are a reflection of our greater society — our values and our beliefs.

Here are a few expected and unexpected trends we uncovered.

1 Creative spellings

This is a great way to give a unique twist to a popular name. I like it because it questions conventions. I get so comfortable with the way things are, when I see Riley spelled Rilee, or Clare spelled Clair, or Madeline spelled 5 different ways (try to guess), it catches my attention and reminds me of how every name and every child is oh-so-unique.

2 Combining 2 names

This is another way to make a name extra special. By combining two names, even the most popular two names, you can end up with a one-of-a-kind name. Classic names are given a new twist and poetry is added to a simple name.

3 Ethnic names

I love this trend because it captures the societal change that’s happening around us–the diversity of modern Australia, with all its richness and colours. Whereas children and their parents felt the need to adopt ‘Western’ names to more easily assimilate in the past, now people proudly own their heritage in their names. After all, we live in a society where children grow up eating sushi as often as pies (if not more often!).

An ethnic name gives people a window into the child’s culture and can serve as a great way to make friends. For example, if I hear a Greek name or an Indian name, I have a bit of understanding of their cultural background and can start a conversation: “Is that a Greek name? What does it mean?”It’s a little clue, but it’s still helpful. Sure, some may be more challenging to pronounce or remember. But I think it’s great that we are all making an effort in this day and age.

4 Popular culture

Love them or hate them, celebrities undoubtedly influence trends. Naming is no exception. Many names associated with TV personalities, actors, musicians, artists, and royalties (yes, Charlotte and George) were very high on the list.

We have compiled the Top 10 Musician Names, because hey, the world needs more great music.


5 Colour names

Another beautiful trend we saw was the emergence of colour names. No, they are not Red, Blue, and Yellow… They are Ruby, Indigo and Sienna. Gorgeous in sound as well as the imagery it invokes!

Here is a list of the Top 10 Colour Names. Close your eyes as you read them…


TOP Australian Kids & Baby Names 2016 (5)
TOP Australian Kids & Baby Names 2016 (4)

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