What Lessons Can Be Learned from Personalised Books for Kids?

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on April 14, 2016
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Books are some of the most versatile things you can give to a child as a gift. From teaching kids about their letters, numbers, colors and shapes, to helping them understand emotions and actions, to providing lessons about situations and circumstances in life, books are truly educational tools that can also entertain them over and over.

While there are plenty of classic storybooks for children as well as new titles popping up every year thanks to an ever-emerging crop of authors of children’s stories, it can be beneficial to think outside the box every now and then when picking out a book for your young son or daughter to read. One of the most unique kinds of books that you can give a child is a personalised book.

What do personalised books for kids look like?

A personalised book will have a specific story line — everyone knows that kids love fun and happy stories, and children’s stories typically incorporate a positive lesson that they can learn and apply in their own lives.

What makes personalised books different, however, is that they can be made to include the name of the child who will be getting the book. The main character will be named after your son or daughter, and there may even be an illustration of this male or female character with your son’s or daughter’s same hair colour so the child can recognise the character.

Receiving a personalised gift tells the young one that:

This gift made the giver think of me.

Such a gift would make the child feel wonder and amazement at finding their likeness and their name on the printed book. They may feel that this book is a special one — made precious because it has their name on it — and that the person who gave them is special too, because no one else has given a gift like it before.

No other kid has this exact same item.

The child may feel a sense of pride at being told that this special book is theirs and no one has the very same one, because of their name printed on it.

The person who gave this to me put a lot of thought and love into the choice of gift.

Kids are often showered with presents, and most of the time they receive toys, books, clothes and games that are easily recognisable from TV commercials or trips to the toy stores. When someone gives them a unique personalised gift, however, the child can sense that the giver made an effort to give something different — something that will stand out, and something that the child can cherish because of this very uniqueness.

The character in the book is me.

Seeing his or her name on the book, and an illustration of a child with his or her hair colour, lets the child know that he or she is the character. The child then identifies with the events in the story, acts them out, and applies the lessons learned from the book in real life. A personalised book can effectively entertain a child while teaching positive values and behaviours.

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