What Mum Taught Me: Interview with Sam, Co-Founder of Hippo Blue

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on May 7, 2016

1 Tell us a little about your mum.

My parents moved from the UK before they had us, and they ended up never leaving. She didn’t have a lot of skills when she came here, so she started out cleaning houses and working at the markets. In between cleaning houses and raising my sister and me, she managed to get skilled up. Now she’s an Executive Personal Assistant at a major corporation. As a kid, I didn’t know any better, but now I admire her for that. She wanted to provide for her family, and she was able to work her way up.


2 Do you have any special memories of your mum when you were growing up?

We are an outdoorsy sporty family, so we used to go away to the Grampians, Sorrento, and Metung on the weekends. My mum planned the weekend trips for us, even when she was working so hard.


3 What did your mum say when you told her you’re starting a business?

She asked me a lot of questions to make sure I was making the right decisions. She doesn’t want to see her son fail.

Now she always asks me, “What’s your bestseller?”She likes to know how it’s all going. She’s the biggest marketer for Hippo Blue, the only problem is, she markets to people in the UK, and we don’t ship there! Yet :)


4 Are there things your mother taught you that serve you well now as an entrepreneur?

Put other people first. My mum is one of those people who will run herself to the ground to make her friends and family happy. She’s taught me that if I treat others the way I want to be treated, it will always come back to me at the end. When I work with our customers, I ask myself, what would I do, and I always try my best to make her happy.


5 Any special plans for this Mother’s Day?

My mum, my sister and I are going on a Mother’s Walk in the morning in support of breast cancer. With pancakes at the end of the walk (my treat!). We will be going over to my parents’ house for dinner to celebrate.


6 Anything you want to tell your mum?

Thanks…. (thinks for a while). Thanks for making me who I am today. And you can stop buying us things now. Really…

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