Why I Now Order My Kids’ Name Labels

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on April 21, 2016
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I was a Dymo mum. I’m usually pretty picky when it comes to decorating my kids’ things, but my husband had purchased one of those nifty labellers, and it seemed a waste not to use it. I would look wistfully at my kids’ friends’ pretty personalised labels adorning their lunch boxes and water bottles. But then, I reminded myself of that labeller sitting at home. And, I could just see my husband rolling his eyes when he saw the pretty colourful stickers instead of the boring black and white strips.

Then they kept falling off… Both the plastic ones and the iron-on’s. I soon had to make a trip to OfficeWorks to pick up a tape refill. In the sea of tapes (think toothpaste aisle), I picked out the ones that I needed. And gawk! Some of the tapes cost more than the labeller itself! That made me question why the Dymo labels use up so much tape. There’s a couple of centimetres on either side of the name that I have to cut off.

I soldiered on. I put my whole weight on the iron and pressed and pressed the labels. Still peeled off after a few months… I rubbed and rubbed the stickers on to the lunch boxes. Only to have them fall off when I took the boxes out of the dishwasher…

Then I received some hand-me-downs from my friend. Some of them had personalised name labels on them. I tried to peel them off, and guess what? They wouldn’t fall off! Then and there I decided, I was going to stop my battle with my Dymo labeller. It just wasn’t going to cut it for lunch boxes and uniforms. Stuff it, I was done.

With my daughter, I happily browsed the website of a personalised name label company I had heard good things about. There were so many cute designs to choose from. My daughter loved trying out all the different colour and font options.

And they have been good to me. They stay on, like they said they would, and they look darn cute. My husband rolled his eyes, as expected. So I printed out a boring black and white label with his name on it and stuck it on the labeller. Yours to keep! :)


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