Why Iron on Clothing Labels Are the Best for Families

Posted in Simple Life
on January 14, 2016

Gone are the days when clothing tags were consciously displayed to let others know that you’re wearing an expensive, top-brand piece of clothing. Actually, if you do that now, you’ll be deemed tacky and branded as trying too hard. When it comes to clothing these days, most of the focus is on comfort, which is why iron-on clothing labels have risen to great popularity for both clothing businesses and families.

Nobody wants that little tag that sticks out at the back of the shirt and scratches the skin. In fact, a lot of people make an effort to remove that just so their shirts and even pants feel more comfortable to wear. In particular, those tags must be removed from children’s clothing because the little ones are rendered irritable and restless because of scratchy brand tags. This is why more and more clothing businesses are opting to go “tag-less”—they increase the brand’s sales by having tag-less merchandise because there are consumers who really prefer the comfort that such items offer.


It’s important to mention as well that the trend nowadays is for clothing labels to be discreet because most people don’t want their clothes to be easily recognisable. It’s easier to achieve that with subtle iron on clothing labels than with embroidered or tag labels.


Also, for a lot of folks, it’s more effective to pass off certain pieces of clothing as being multiples of the same colour and style if they just have iron-on labels which are placed on the inside of the clothes. With pieces of clothing that have embroidered labels or tags attached to them, on the other hand, even if you have multiples of them in the same style, you really look like you just have one that you very frequently use.


Additionally, iron-on clothing labels—especially customised ones—can really set pieces of clothing apart. Say, you have children who wear similar pieces of clothing; it’ll be so much easier to sort or organise their clothes if they have iron on labels with their names. This will also be a big help for gym uniforms for school; your child can easily find which ones are his in the chaos of getting dressed and hurrying to the next class. Likewise, other kids who tend to just snip off identifiers of other people’s belongings will probably not target your child’s because it’s certainly not easy to scratch off iron-on clothing labels.


However you look at it, either from a business’s or individual user’s standpoint, these labels really are the best.


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