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Where's My Monster? By Fleur Harris

Created and inspired from love, for all the little artists out there.
This collection captures the magic of peek-a-boo in this colour filled adventure.
Come meet our adorable monsters who are waiting for you, to help you teach your little ones
learn their red, yellow and blues

The Story

With every turn of the page, you will discover a new vibrant colour, reveal a new adorable character and get one step closer to finding where your own little monster is hiding. The big reveal at the end, which is a glimpse of themselves in the baby safe mirror on the last page, will sure leave both you and bubs in a fit of giggles.
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Our Artist Fleur Harris

Fleur brings her passion for vibrant colours and bold design to this adorable new collection. Purposely designed to inspire all the little artists out there, learn their colours and make them giggle along the way.