Product Care


- Separate all parts from outer box and clean shortly after each use

- Inner tray, divider tray and silicone lid dishwasher safe (top shelf only)

- Outer Box and Switch-Up-Disc recommended hand wash in warm soapy water only 

- Avoid any highly abrasive cleaning aids

- Thoroughly dry with clean tea towel and leave to air dry completely before storing away

- Store bento box open and removable parts separately

- NOT intended for use in the microwave

- NOT recommended for any foods that product a watery liquid. 




      1. Open up your new Hipp-O-Bento and pop out the inner silicone lid

      2. Rotate Switch-Up-Disc counter clockwise to unlock and remove

      3. Insert your new Switch-Up-Disc and turn clockwise to lock in place

      4. Reinsert your inner silicone lid

Bags & Backpacks

Our bags are recommended for cold hand wash only. To clean, please use damp wet cloth to wipe down and allow to air dry in cool place, away from direct sunlight


DO NOT put in washing machine

DO NOT bleach

DO NOT soak

DO NOT tumble dry

DO NOT dry clean

DO NOT iron

DO NOT leave in direct sunlight to dry


To assemble your canvas ready for use, please follow the steps provided below.


  1. Remove bands and separate the magnetic wooden slats
  2. Align the canvas print between the wooden slats (make sure the artwork is the right way up!)
  3. Once aligned, stick the magnet wooden slats back together and voila! Ready to hang canvas!

Bag Tag

To assemble your bag tag for use, please follow the steps provided below.


  1. Feed the plastic loop through the hole of the bag tag
  2. Thread the plastic loop over the top of the bag tag and back through itself
  3. Pull plastic loop tight to fasten completely to the bag tag


WARNING: Bag tag loop can be a choking hazard. Ensure loop is fastly tightened before giving any bag tags to small children.



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