Product Care



  • Separate all parts from outer box and clean shortly after each use
  • Inner tray, divider tray and silicone lid dishwasher safe (top shelf only)
  • Outer Box and Switch-Up-Disc recommended hand wash in warm soapy water only 
  • Avoid any highly abrasive cleaning aids
  • Thoroughly dry with clean tea towel and leave to air dry completely before storing away
  • Store bento box open and removable parts separately
  • NOT intended for use in the microwave
  • NOT recommended for any foods that produce a watery liquid. 




      1. Open up your new Hipp-O-Bento and pop out the inner silicone lid

      2. Rotate Switch-Up-Disc counter clockwise to unlock and remove

      3. Insert your new Switch-Up-Disc and turn clockwise to lock in place

      4. Reinsert your inner silicone lid

Bags & Backpacks

Our bags are recommended for cold hand wash only. To clean, please use damp wet cloth to wipe down and allow to air dry in cool place, away from direct sunlight


DO NOT put in washing machine

DO NOT bleach

DO NOT soak

DO NOT tumble dry

DO NOT dry clean

DO NOT iron

DO NOT leave in direct sunlight to dry


To assemble your canvas ready for use, please follow the steps provided below.


  1. Remove bands and separate the magnetic wooden slats
  2. Align the canvas print between the wooden slats (make sure the artwork is the right way up!)
  3. Once aligned, stick the magnet wooden slats back together and voila! Ready to hang canvas!

Bag Tag

To assemble your bag tag for use, please follow the steps provided below.


  1. Feed the plastic loop through the hole of the bag tag
  2. Thread the plastic loop over the top of the bag tag and back through itself
  3. Pull plastic loop tight to fasten completely to the bag tag


WARNING: Bag tag loop can be a choking hazard. Ensure loop is fastly tightened before giving any bag tags to small children.

Clothing Labels




The perfect technique? It’s all in the heat and pressure applied. WE RECOMMEND A TEST RUN! As every iron is different - please run through the instructions at least once, using an old piece of fabric to see if you need to make any adjustments to the temperature, pressure or time to achieve a successful application. Avoid swimwear, slippery, thick weaved and fluffy fabrics.


  • Preheat your iron to Wool/Cotton as specified on your clothing. 
  • Always iron on a heat resistant, firm, flat surface.
  • Read care label of fabric to ensure it can withstand the heat.


  1. Iron over desired section of clothing to dry and remove any creases from your fabric.
  2. Peel Clothing Label off the backing paper.
  3. Place label in desired position, text side up.
  4. Cover label with supplied baking paper. Place your iron on top applying firm pressure for 10-15 seconds.
  5. SUCCESS! Label should go from a gloss to matte finish, the texture of your fabric should show through the label and all edges should be firmly adhered to the fabric. If this is not the case, you may need to repeat application, and increase temperature, pressure or time.


  • Do not directly iron over applied label.
  • Recommended for washing machine COLD wash only
  • Not recommended for dry cleaning

WARNING: Labels can be a choking hazard. Ensure label is firmly adhered before giving any name labelled item to small children.

Mega Activity Set - Painting
  • Watercolour paints must be kept out of reach of children under the age of 3.
  • Parents must supervise children while using paints.
  • Watercolour paints are designed for use on paper only and should not be used for any other purposes.
  • Watercolour paint that comes into contact with skin during use can be washed off with warm soapy water.
  • Recommended to be used with surfaces protected to avoid stains. Washing surfaces with soap and warm water may assist with removing stains from most surfaces however caution is advised.
  • Clean brush with warm soapy water shortly after use.
  • NOT to be ingested.

  • Warm gentle hand wash with soapy water and rinse before use.
  • Recommended hand wash for the longevity of the print
  • Bottle is dishwasher safe (top shelf only - please avoid high-temperature settings as this can affect print)
  • Drinking Straw and lid to be hand washed
  • Please wash with care, as small pieces may come loose, and the functionality of the bottle can be affected as a result.
  • Recommended using a straw cleaning brush around the mouthpiece.
  • Avoid any highly abrasive cleaning aids.
  • Thoroughly dry with a clean tea towel and leave to air dry completely before storing away.
  • NOT intended for use in the microwave

Reusable Food Pouch


Hand wash as soon as possible and air dry open. Ensure they are completely dry before storing them away. Place the lids in the sink or a cup with a squirt of dishwashing liquid and some warm water. Give them a quick wash, rinse and they can be left to air dry. Use a small bottle brush to get into the lid grooves if needed.



Wash before use. Filling your food pouch: Prepare your puree or yogurt. Make sure you open the bottom of the pouch up so it is standing before you start filling it. Open the bottom of your pouch and slowly add food into the pouch using the funnel provided. Do not overfill the pouch, as this could result in the pouch bursting open especially if you are freezing it. Close the pouch securely, pinching it closed along the seal. Please be mindful that it is possible to pop the pouch open with enough pressure on the sides of the pouch.

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